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I grew up in New York City and now reside in Saco where I have lived and raised my family since 2002.  I love the Maine beaches and get a tremendous amount of inspiration from the local scenery in all seasons.  The need to paint and create art came to me in a lightning-strike moment in 2015.  After beginning with acrylic paints, youtube video instructions and my smartphone, I began taking classes at the Maine College of Art in Portland where I transitioned to oil paints on a variety of supports.  I feel most drawn to imaginative landscapes evoking a feeling of distance, as if the viewer is far removed from the scene.  I want to represent the magnitude of the sky, either with soaring clouds on a bright day or a soft glow. 
My still life compositions remain simple, with few everyday objects. It calms me to paint a simple white pitcher, enjoying the color in the reflections from objects around it.  My style is loose, and I take liberties representing what I see.  I paint in different mediums such as oil, acrylic, soft pastels and watercolor. I am influenced by the reactions of the marks I make, whether it is the smear of an impasto brushstroke or the gradual wash of watercolor on paper.  Each mark is important, whether painting with abandon or care. My goal for the viewer is to find rest, a quiet moment with the painting.  While the image is unchanging, my hope is the feeling one has about my work evolves with each moment.

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